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Cheese of the Season

Cheese of the Season packages will ship in January, April, July and October. Each package will contain 3 specialty cheeses totally 24 oz and an 8 oz jar of jam.

Galen's Good Old (8oz)

The Rice family, of Clover Creek Cheese Cellars, named this smooth, rich cheese after the man who helped them build their cheese plant. Galen’s Good Old is a secret recipe and procedure based on the famous Gouda from Amsterdam. Once you taste it, you’ll know what great farmstead cheese tastes like. Its smooth texture and great taste combine to please any palate. You will never return to store-bought cheese.

Goat Cheddar (8oz)

Our Goat Milk Cheddar is Misty Creek Goat Dairy's twist on traditional American Cheddar. Made from raw goat’s milk, it has a smooth texture with a sweet, mild flavor. It doesn't have the pungency or goatiness typically associated with most rind-ripened goat cheeses.

Goat Colby (8oz)

Colby is a sub-variety of Cheddar and one of only a few cheeses that originated in America. This is a very mild cheese. It is an ideal first cheese to introduce a new cheese eater to goat milk cheese. It has a semi hard texture and a soft pleasant tang on the tongue.

Herbal Love

Farm Fromage Mushroom & Leek, Farm Fromage Garlic & Chive, and Clover Creek Bruschedda. Three of our most popular "flavored" cheeses. Perfect for munching, or on nachos. These beauties are great melters.

Holiday Platter Collection

Farm Fromage Special Reserve, Farm Fromage Beer Washed Tomme, Kidchego, Farm Fromage Tomme De'Ewe, Farm Fromage Monterey Bleu and one 8 oz jam. Five 1/2 pound chunks of flavor! Cow, goat, and sheep milk. Blue, Cheddar, Ewe, Beer Washed and firm aged goat milk cheese. Great for that holiday drop-in gathering.