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Farm Fromage Thumbalina

A small, dense cylinder with a bloomy rind, this tiny wheel varies texturally between moist and fudgy younger wheels, and a delightful creamy texture with more age. It’s paste is bone white with a smooth soft layer under the thin rind. The initial flavor is a salty burst, yielding to distinctively goaty and barnyard hay characteristics, with a slightly spiced note from the penicillium on the rind and raw Brazil nuts on the finish. Bet you can’t eat just one! 4 wheels at approximately 6 oz total.

Goat Cheddar (8oz)

Our Goat Milk Cheddar is Misty Creek Goat Dairy's twist on traditional American Cheddar. Made from raw goat’s milk, it has a smooth texture with a sweet, mild flavor. It doesn't have the pungency or goatiness typically associated with most rind-ripened goat cheeses.

Goat Colby (8oz)

Colby is a sub-variety of Cheddar and one of only a few cheeses that originated in America. This is a very mild cheese. It is an ideal first cheese to introduce a new cheese eater to goat milk cheese. It has a semi hard texture and a soft pleasant tang on the tongue.

Kidchego (8oz)

As you might guess from the name, Kidchego is full of young energy. It’s made with raw goat’s milk by one Amos Miller, in Pennsylvania Amish country. He uses a recipe for Spanish Manchego, but the tweak is in the milk type. Kid goats give this cheese an herbaceous tang. Think walnuts, lemon brightness, wild grasses. It’s a super friend to rosé.

Misty Lovely (8oz)

Misty Lovely is a PA Dutch interpretation of a greek feta made with raw goat's milk. It is wonderful on a beet salad and equally good on an antipasto platter. Pair with good olives or heirloom cherry tomatoes. Crumble on strawberry or watermelon salad. Think goat milk Ricotta Salata. Serve with Sauvignon Blanc. Made in Leola, PA.

Monterery Hot Jack (8 oz)

A pleasant goat cheese with habanero pepper folded in. While you can see the “heat” the taste is not super-hot and you can still taste the high-quality milk. Pair with your favorite craft beer and some local pretzels or chips. Wonderful on tacos and other dishes calling for a little kick.