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Best Sellers Box

Farm Fromage Beer Washed Tomme, Misty Lovely, Farm Fromage Cloth Bound, and one jam. Raw cow milk cheese washed with Lancaster Brewing Co. Milk Stoudt Beer, Misty Lovely goat milk feta style and a delicious sheep and cow milk blend with a wonderful local jam.

Cave Collection

Farm Fromage Special Reserve, Galen's Good Old, Farm Fromage Monterey Blue, and a jam. Three 1/2 pound chunks of cave-aged cheese. Cheddar, Sharp, and Blue with a jar of organic jam.

Farmstead Collection

Clover Creek Cheddar, Galen's Good Old and Royer Mountain with an 8 oz jar of jam. Three cave aged raw milk gems from Clover Creek Cheese Cellars. Cheddar, Gouda and Baby Swiss from Williamsburg, PA.

Herbal Love

Farm Fromage Mushroom & Leek, Farm Fromage Garlic & Chive, and Clover Creek Bruschedda. Three of our most popular "flavored" cheeses. Perfect for munching, or on nachos. These beauties are great melters.

Holiday Platter Collection

Farm Fromage Special Reserve, Farm Fromage Beer Washed Tomme, Kidchego, Farm Fromage Angela's Pillow, Farm Fromage Monterey Bleu and one 8 oz jam. Five 1/2 pound chunks of flavor! Cow, goat, and sheep milk. Blue, Cheddar, Ewe, Beer Washed and firm aged goat milk cheese. Great for that holiday drop-in gathering.

Only Kidding

Misty Creek Kidchego, Misty Lovely, Misty Creek Wine-n-Goat, and one 8 oz jam. Taste well made goat milk cheeses - hard and dry Kidchego, kicked up goat Feta style and cheddar soaked in port wine, with a local jam.