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Farm Fromage Colby (8 oz)

Colby is a great entry level cheese for those who are learning to appreciate cheese. A bland cheese with a mild and mellow flavor that is lightly sweet with a slightly tangy after taste. Colby is often shredded or melted and used in recipes.

Farm Fromage Sheep Feta (8oz)

This is a creamy, slightly salty sheep milk Feta style cheese. Put it on a fresh salad of baby greens or flour and sear slices in hot oil and serve with fruit preserves or honey. Drizzle with olive oil and garnish with roasted peppers, olives or nuts. The salty flavor pairs well with beer.

Farm Fromage Special Reserve (8oz)

Farm Fromage Special Reserve: is a cheddar-style cheese that is aged for one to two years in 40-pound blocks. After aging, it is cut into 10-pound blocks and aged an additional 10 weeks in a cave, where it develops a bloomy white-mold rind. The cheese has the intense buttery sharpness of good aged cheddar, but it is smoother in texture, supple and creamy -- especially after it has been brought to room temperature. The rind is edible.

From Fromage Cheddar (8oz)

Farm Fromage Cheddar is our youngest raw milk cheese. Aged approximately 3 months. The combination of spring milk and the short aging time result in a creamy, mild, buttery cheese. Great all purpose cheese!

Misty Lovely (8oz)

Misty Lovely is a PA Dutch interpretation of a greek feta made with raw goat's milk. It is wonderful on a beet salad and equally good on an antipasto platter. Pair with good olives or heirloom cherry tomatoes. Crumble on strawberry or watermelon salad. Think goat milk Ricotta Salata. Serve with Sauvignon Blanc. Made in Leola, PA.