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Farm Fromage Luscious Lamb (8 oz)

This fine raw sheep milk cheese is made in Pennsylvania using a Spanish Manchego recipe. You may never again resort to the stuff with the waxy brown rind that hits you with salt and then quickly fades away. Serve it sliced into elegant wedges with the rind still intact alongside fig jam or quince paste and a sprinkling of Marcona almonds for an appetizer that speaks for itself – no need to crowd it on a plate with other cheese when it has so much to offer on its own. Wonderful grated on roasted veggies or pasta.

Farm Fromage Sheep Feta (8oz)

This is a creamy, slightly salty sheep milk Feta style cheese. Put it on a fresh salad of baby greens or flour and sear slices in hot oil and serve with fruit preserves or honey. Drizzle with olive oil and garnish with roasted peppers, olives or nuts. The salty flavor pairs well with beer.

Farm Fromage Tomme De'Ewe (8oz)

Tomme De Ewe is a wonderful Pecorino Romano style cheese made in Leola, PA. Using the milk of Sheppard’s Hollow Farms sheep, it is so popular it sells out before the current batch is ready. Grate this fine cheese on your favorite pasta dish, or sprinkle it on roasted vegetables. As a table cheese it goes well with rustic breads, grapes and figs. Pairs well with a good Chianti or Beaujolais.